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ABC-Associated Builders and Contractors

ABC tri-fold brochure ABC poster
brochure School poster flyer Newsletter

Affordable Computer Guy

affordable computer guy logo
logo and website

Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District

Grossmont building dedication program
Cuyamaca College New President Announcement Grossmont College New Building Program

Building Engineering & Science Talent

Over the last six years, I've done myriad projects for the Department of Defense's STEM program under the auspices of BEST (Building Engineering & Science Talent). These projects include logos, brochures, annual reports (distributed to Congress members), and collateral (banners, posters, rack cards, table cloths, etc.) for several STEM trade shows

DOD STEM logo (This is a situation where I needed to incorporate the DoD logo and still convey the feeling of the STEM program. A delicate balancing act.)

Sample 24x84" banner

Sample 3x9' banner

Sample tablecloth

A few photos of how the banners were presented at the trade show for budding scientists in Washington, D.C.


DoD banner photo of banner
Another trade show banner for the Department of Defense


2013 Navy report cover 2014 Navy report
2013 report to Congress 2014 report to Congress

C100 - Balboa Park's Committee of One Hundred

Accordion Fold Brochure Multiple bi-annual newsletters Luncheon flyer Sidewalk sign

Funks Most Wanted logo, photography and website

Certified Air


Clairemont High School

Flyer Program

Crowley Law Group

website, blog, Facebook

CLG stationery
Stationary package

Crowley Law Group Schwag

Koozies flash drives totes flag

Daniela Iredale, Attorney

Business card, front Business card, back

Full Strength Band

full strength funk bank poster

Good Earth Plant Company

Insert for seed bomb dispenser Seed bomb dispenser Sales brochure Sales brochure insert
Good Earth employee
40th anniversary logo

Hanbleceya Treatment Center

Tri-fold brochure

Iredale & Yoo, law firm

logo, business card, letterhead

Kerrie Terry

kerrie terry business card
business card

Lococo-Smith, law firm


"Loving and Leaving Washington" book

loving and leaving washington book cover

Ms. Senior California Pageant

MSCP program MSCP program MSCP facebook banner      
Pageant Program Facebook banners

Ooh La La (menus redesign)

orig manu
Original redesigned menus

Pacific Animal Productions

karla majewski
website and photography web ads


store signage (front and back)

San Diego Press Club

san diego press club j awards logo

Think Dignity, formerly Girls Think Tank (non-profit advocacy for the homeless)

2012 gala program 2013 logo and gala invitation 2043 logo and gala invitation 2015 logo gala invitation 2016 gala invitation

Know your rights cards Know your rights cards
Knot Your Rights pockets cards Transitional Storage Center cards

Staging That Sells

Staging That Sells logo Staging That Sells logo Staging That Sells logo
logo stationery package

TJ Taco Shop

Staging That Sells logo